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Who is YOUR Support Person?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Today's feature comes from our co-founder Neil Shorthouse. Neil introduces you to our new website and asks who has been that supportive individual for you in Your life? How can you be that to others?

Welcome to Partners in Change! We are thrilled to unveil our website and share with you why we exist, what we do, and how You can become one of our Partners in Change.

My personal efforts to impact individuals in poverty began years ago through my efforts in Atlanta schools, especially those where children’s academic success and social well-being were threatened. In co-founding Communities In Schools, I knew there could be no great schools without great support for children. I am so excited by our new effort, Partners in Change, to bring similar support systems to adults.

For many years I have been asking successful people — hundreds of them — how they ‘made it’ in life. Maybe you could try the same idea out on people who are accomplishing great things in their families, in their places of worship, and in their jobs?

My discovery was that way over 90% of the folks I spoke with told me their parents or other significant adults made so much of their futures possible because of their unwavering support and intense caring. Has this been the case for you?

Partners in Change has been created as an avenue to enable each of us to pay it forward — to be a committed and caring individual in someone else’s life. We invest in the capacities and dreams of others as they foster new visions for themselves and their families.

Share your thoughts. Work for others. Join us.

- Neil

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